May 14, 2015

Love,Live and Laugh



Salam Perkenalan….

Love,Live and Laugh

Love yourself and those round you. Love is what makes us human and love is what turns existence into living breathing life

Live.. seize everyday be brave be bold and keep going. You Are The Author Of Your Life Story. Have a happy ending, win the race, and defeat the bad guy… You decide… you have everything you need to be the Best Version of you. Be awesome live the life you’ve always wanted

Laughter is the Best Medicine, it releases happy hormones and burn calories. Laughter says “I am who I am & love it” so laugh whenever you feel like it or even when you don’t. laugh to chase the blues away, laugh to bring joy, laugh just because you can, laugh through your eyes and right from your heart. Because life is so much better with Laughter.

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